Shadow Analyzer

Shadow Analyzer 2.1.9

Shadow Analyzer

Shadow Analyzer is an advanced CAD assistance tool ideal for people who work in the solar energy engineering and architecture fields. This tool creates a simulation of shadows cast at different times of day with accuracy.

Shadow Analyzer is an ideal tool to use for analyzing shadow effects on new projects, architectural structures, or in-place installation of solar energy equipment.

This program also analyzes shadows from external objects and self-shadowing of solar collector systems at different times of day and different seasons of the year at any geographical latitude.

Also, Shadow Analyzer is capable of analyzing and calculating energy losses. This feature is helpful to architects to evaluate natural-light environment in structures.

Other features of this program include scene composition with object population options, and changing object dimensions, location, orientation, colors and reflections.

Textures can also be applied to some objects to get a visual evaluation of their appearance. Shadow Analyzer is a standalone tool, meaning that it does not depend on any third party software in order to work.